BODY ISSUE is a blog, zine and event inspired by womxn subjectivity. The personal is political. There is nothing more personal than the body. Inhibiting a body raises the issue of gender performativity. However, pronouns are attributed to us at birth and the World shapes us accordingly. How does this influence womxn and the art we create? BODY ISSUE features topical womxn artists and art that is born out of body political issues. The goal is to gain insight into the story and artistic practice of engaged and embodied womxn makers.

Saturday – September 14th 2019, de Brigant, Arnhem, the Netherlands
17:00 Exhibition opening
17:30 The Pussy Alignment workshop with Yelena Myshko
19:00 Surprise lecture by Sabine Wong
20:30 Interactive performance with Melanie Maria
22:00-00:00 Dance off with DJ NYMPHO *win an artwork

17:00-00:00 Exhibition with works by Yelena Myshko, Salima Essakkati, Samantha Thole, Jannie Benthem, and Melanie Maria

17:30 The Pussy Alignment workshop by Yelena Myshko

The Pussy Alignment is an intimate – women only – communal bodily experience that attempts to bring out the feminine feminine. This vagina conspiracy is inspired by second wave French feminist writing écriture féminine that emerged from the notion that language and science are inherently male discourses. Women must inscribe themselves into history by developing their own subjectivity that is situated in their own body and sex organ.

Yelena Myshko proposes to reinvent écriture féminine as a spiritual practice to reclaim the Yoni power in a world of gender confusion. During the workshop we will align our creative energy with the Yoni by practicing vaginal breathing exercises. In this highly sensual state, we will attempt to bring out the feminine feminine through automatic writing.

19:00 Surprise lecture by Sabine Wong

Sabine Wong is a lecturer in cultural anthropology and multidisciplinary artist who, though her practice, builds bridges between nature and culture, East and West, science and art. She seeks to find common denominators and explaining complex matter into simplicity. Her work is very driven and directed by femininity and intertwined with Mother Nature. As an anthropologist, human behavior is her area of expertise. She brings a creative mind to the playground of contemporary life, and likes to explore the vast liminality of our possibilities as humans.

20:30 Interactive performance by Melanie Maria

Memoriale per la donne / Wolfwomen
Performance, 30 minutes

“We are all filled with a longing for the wild”, is a quote from the book ‘Women Who Run With Wolves’ (1992) by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. A book about The Wild Woman, a strong woman who is connected with her inner strength.

I want to dedicate this performance to women all over the world. From every age, from every race, from every body and from every story. I believe that every woman withholds an inner strength. A strength that embraces their inner mother, carer, artist, teacher, beauty, being, creator…

I will create a ‘live-memorial’. I invite the bystanders to join me in/create with me an alive ‘still-life/monument’. The group will be embracing, sitting, standing, holding hands etc. And it will last for at least 30 minutes.

22:00-00:00 Dance off with DJ NYMPHO *win an artwork

Charles Darwin once suggested that animals started creating musical notes and rhythm in order to charm the opposite sex. Although there is likely more behind the musical evolution then simply attracting a mate…

Moldavian-born artist Lucia Macari aka DJ NYMPHO currently rediscovers herself as master of XXX soundtracks. Since the beginning of a new age she lives in Amsterdam, producing her own projects that intend to intermingle visual art with music. Her records were published by KidNap Records label in Amsterdam. Her numerous performances could be seen in Paradiso, DeBalie, Sugar Factory, OCCII, Mezrab, Veemvloer, Club11, Studio80, Stubnitz, Grote Industriele Club Amsterdam. She worked in collaboration with Russian DJ’s for project MoskowDiskow in Sugar Factory and sang live as part of the Amsterdam Klezmer Band. Her style it’s total eclectic, but always about LOVE!

*Secret jury will choose a winner of the dance off and present them with an artwork!